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PT12X-SDI Gen 2 using VISCA over IP with BlackMagic ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel

I am about to do a major upgrade and get the ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel from Blackmagic. This control panel says it can control PTZ cameras using the VISCA protocol, but it is unclear if this is only over RS485 of if it can piggyback on my existing network. Does anyone know for sure that I will be able to control my camera (PT12X-SDI Gen 2)?


Also, a bonus question...I have planned to get the camera output via the SDI cable into my ATEM switch...but maybe this can be done over the existing network and save a cable?


We have not gotten the serial control to work with our cameras using the ATEM switchers or control panels. The ATEM switchers do not take in network connections, you would need to run HDMI or SDI from the camera to the ATEM. 

I already plan to run SDI from the camera to the ATEM.  Can I push pan/tilt/zoom back over that same SDI cable to the camera from the ATEM?  I am trying to avoid running control cabling in addition to video cabling.


You can not control the cameras over their SDI connection. The SDI output is only for outputting the video signal of the cameras. 

The only way to control the cameras would be through their serial connections, RS-232 and RS-485, or over the network. Like Andy said we have not had any success controlling our cameras through the ATEM switchers/control panels via serial connection. 

If you plan on connecting the cameras to your network you could use our free desktop based camera control application.

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