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Auto Tracking with the PT30X-NDI Camera

Hello, I am new to live streaming and camera set up.  We just purchased the PT30X-NDI-GY camera and I have it hooked up over our network broadcasting using NDI.  We are using Wirecast to stream.  Is there a way to get the PT30X-NDI camera to auto-track the presenter on stage?  (software or hardware)  If so, where can I find prices and info?  I have searched the PTSOptics site and Google but can't seem to find the answer.

Thank you in advance for your response.

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Hi Kevin,

The PTZOptics cameras do not have any built in auto tracking functionality. And there isn't really any software/hardware options that we are aware of that can handle auto tracking with the cameras.

We do have an auto tracking camera in our other line of cameras, the SimplTrack 2. It is a lecture style tracking camera meant for tracking an individual presenter at the front of a room. 

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Then how come on the PTZOptics YouTube page there's this video of them showing off auto-tracking with a 30x camera?

Skip to 3:50 and you'll see it. I also bought the camera based of this video (as well as others) and am somewhat disappointed that the auto-tracking feature doesn't exist. I like the camera very much otherwise, but this is false advertising and PTZOptics really should edit or delete it.

Hello Daniel,

Sorry about the misunderstanding but they did not say the camera was Auto Tracking in that video.

They were demonstrating a tracking shot where you follow a presenter across the stage using a some sort of control method like one of our Joystick controllers or the Free Camera Control app.

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