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Trouble setting static IP

I have a PTZ 20x NDI camera that I’ve been using on a DHCP address for several months. I want to switch to a static IP. I have a valid address reserved outside the DHCP range. When I go to the Upgrade utility (on a MAC running Catalina), I find the camera and go to the Config tab and fill everything in... no problem, I’ve verified all entries are valid. But the MAC address isn’t filled in completely and I can’t edit it. When I push “Set”, I get an “insufficient network information” error. Help?

Hi Michael,

So I am not entirely sure why the Mac Tool is failing that way, and sorry you are having to experience this.

I will mention this to our software team and see if they can replicate the issue to fix the possible bug.

In the meantime though this can also be adjusted from the cameras web interface.

If you have the current DHCP address of your camera you can login to the WebUI by placing that IP address into any modern web browser.

The default login is user: admin and password: admin

Once logged in navigate to the network section

Here you can change the setting from DHCP to Static IP and then assign a static IP address to the camera.

Make sure you click apply.

The final step is to reboot the camera... this can be done from the System section of the WebUI.

I hope that these steps are able to help you in achieving your goal of moving to a static IP while we investigate the Mac Upgrade Tool issue.

If you have any problems or further questions please do not hesitate to return to the forums.

Okay, so the real problem was probably operator error... with a Mac you sometimes have to use Control-click to get a right-click. That’s all it was - just needed to “right-click” on the camera I wanted to change. Address set using the Upgrade utility although I did go in via web interface too. Thanks for getting moving again.

Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for returning to share this success story :-)

As a relatively novice Mac user myself this is great for me to be aware of when supporting our awesome clients.

If you ever have other questions arise about your PTZOptics camera or related equipment please don't hesitate to return to the forums.

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