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Reset WithOUT IR Remote ?

 i have a PTZ20x and I do not know the IP address. I can not reset it to default because I do not have the remote.

Is it possible to reset to defaults without the remote ?

Is there USB software to replicate the remote menu functions ?

Why is there no Hardware remote on the camera ?

Is there a way to display the IP on an hdmi monitor without the IR Remote ?

For such a sophisticated piece of hardware it is odd you have to have an IR remote and there is not a hardware remote button on the back of the camera.

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Hi Lee,

I'll do my best to help you gain control over that camera hiding on your network.

When you first turn on the camera it will display information about itself such as the IP address.

This information will be present via the HDMI or SDI connection.

So you should be able to connect your camera to a network and a display, via HDMI, to see the existing IP address upon boot up.

If this does not work for you please let us know and we'll be happy to see what additional steps we can offer.

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