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Joystick controller setup

I have a question regarding the setup of a gen 3 joystick controller.  I have a 30x gen 2 SDI camera.  It has a LAN port but not NDI although I'm not entirely clear what makes them different?  If I want to connect the joystick would I use the LAN port with ethernet between the camera and the joystick controller only or would this work to be part of the larger network in use for the computer setup too?  I'm assuming it would only work for camera control and not camera signal because it's not NDI?  If I used PoE routing could I then avoid needing the power cable?


Hello Jim,

NDI is a network based video protocol that allows for lower latency video over the network. The SDI and NDI models actually have the same hardware; the only difference between them is that the NDI models come with an NDI license applied to them. 

So NDI would not affect how the cameras are controlled with the PT-JOY-G3. The PT-JOY-G3 is for control only and would not affect the video outputs of the cameras. 

The cameras and joystick are designed to be connected as a part of a larger network. So you could potentially connect both camera and joystick to your main network. Or you could have something as simple as the camera and joystick (and PC) connected through an unmanaged switch, to keep them isolated from your main network. Both your camera and joystick can be powered with PoE. So having them both connected to a PoE switch would eliminate the need for the standard power supplies. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions. 

 Thanks for the response Colin.  One followup, if the camera and joystick are on the network is there a bandwidth reduction which would affect the streaming quality to Facebook or Youtube?  Or can they be used independently of each other without affecting the stream output?


Camera control over the network should not negatively impact the cameras streaming quality. 

The commands for control sent over the network use a lot less bandwidth than the video signal and should not cause issues.

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