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AVB support for cameras

 I was wondering if there were plans to make cameras that are AVB compliant.  I'm only just now learning about it, having just upgraded to a Presonus mixer that supports AVB audio.

Given that it's an open specification and extremely low latency, it seems like it would be a great idea, especially as it can accommodate both house mixer audio and video on a single ethernet line.  While I don't know how RTP over AVB would compare to a strictly NDI connection, it would undoubtedly help the 2-second latency I experience on our network.

HI Joel,

This is not something that has been on my radar but I will mention it to the engineering team to see if it will work for the cameras. 

Given that AVB is an open specification and that both the Behringer X32 and  Presonus' Studio Series III boards use it, it would definitely be desirable, especially for houses looking to replace their traditional stage boxes and cable runs.  I know I'd be all over a way to run my stage boxes and video system on a single ethernet network.

Of course, it would be *really* nice if AVB support could be worked in as a firmware upgrade for existing camera systems, too. :)

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