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PTZ Video Issue

My church recently installed a 12x zoom SDI camera. The camera is positioned 60 feet from the front of our sanctuary, so we are frequently going to be operating the camera at maximum zoom. Last night I  noticed some a jitter to the video feed as the camera was moving from one preset location to another. Both locations were set to max zoom, so the camera was just panning and tilting. As it was moving there would seem to be a jitter or hiccup in the video.

I didn't have time to diagnose further, but it was not immediately apparent whether or not this was due to the fluidity of the camera motion or due to dropping frames of video. I have not noticed any video hiccups when not moving the camera. Although, our subject matter thus far has been pretty stationary, so it may not have been apparent.

We have brand new computer (i7 9700K with an RTX 2070 video card) and OBS tells me that it runs at a very small CPU load. So I doubt that this is an issue.

We are using BlackMagic DeckLink Duo2 Mini for video capture. I was advised by our sales consultant this would work as long as we restricted ourselves to 1080p30,  which we have.

How do we get the camera movements to be visually smooth?

If helpful, I could capture a video this weekend to demonstrate the phenomena.

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Hi Brian,

You can try a few things to get around this, 

Slow the speed the camera moves (both PTZ and between presets) and see if that minimizes the issue. 

IF it is dropping frames I would make sure the BMD hardware and the camera are set the same, I would try rotary dial setting B (1080i59.94) on the back of the camera. Be sure to reboot after changing this. 

IF you do have video of this issue, please share it with and we can look into this issue further. 

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