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PTZ Operation

We recently installed a 12x SDI camera for live streaming our worship services. We are using an HC-JOY-G3 to control the cameras. I am sure our operation skills will improve with practice, but have found it difficult to control with precision or fluidity.

Some of this could be addressed by allowing for simultaneous movements in pan, tilt and zoom. I believe this was mentioned in another post on this site, so I would echo the value of this feature.

However, more important will be greater fidelity in the PTZ controls. Here are a few observations/suggestions:

  • Zoom speed range: It seems there are only a few zoom speeds achievable through joystick operation. And the "slow" option is not that slow. Artistically, it would be desirable have a very slow zoom available to draw the audience in. Something where you could go from a medium close up to a close up over a period of say 10-20 seconds
  • PTZ sensitivity: It would much easier to control the camera and achieve precise movements if the PTZ joystick operation was fully pressure sensitive. It seems like the zoom function offers different levels, but the pan and tilt do not. The desired operation is where if I move a joystick (or turn the knob) a little bit the camera movement is slow. Then the further I move stick the faster the camera movement would be. My <$1000 Sony camcorder has at least five discernible zoom speeds that achievable based on the pressure.
With the high quality video produced by the PTZ Optics, it makes you want to achieve more artistic camera movements, but this isn't really practical with the current operation. There some ability to approximate this by moving between presets, but good manual operation seems possible.

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your feedback, it does echo some of the faults we have been hearing about with the joystick. It was designed to be an affordable option over having every bell and whistle available. We do have a new joystick in the works that should address some of these issues, if not all of them. But you are correct, the HC JOY G3 does leave a bit to be desired for doing live movements, if was designed more with the cost in mind and doing what was needed to set up camera shots. 

Is there PTZ speed control settings  that can slow down motion when using control in Vimeo Studio 6....its zippy now even on the slow settings.  Thanks 

Hello Jeff,

The Pan, Tilt, and Zoom speeds are set through the control interface that is being used to control the cameras. This is because the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom commands include the speed value within the command. So there are not global speed settings you can adjust on the camera itself. The speed would need to be set in the studio 6 software. If changing the speed in that software does not seem to be taking effect, I would make sure that the camera has the latest firmware. You can download the latest firmware from our Firmware finder

As an alternative to the control in the Studio 6 software, you could try using our free camera control app instead. 

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