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ptzoptics goes back to default location

Using Vmix 4k

Using PTZoptics camers with NDI

ptzoptics goes back to default location when merging into the live window 

I will preset my ptz camera in preview, when merging to the live window its zooms back to its original zoomed out location


HI Hazim,

I'm not sure I understand the issue completely, It sounds like you are calling preset location instead of the just the regular camera feed. Calling the preset location calls that preset when made active. 

on vmix there is the preview widow on the left and the live windows on the right

on the ptzopotics camera I have 6 presets

when sending the ptz camera preset; lets say (reader left) to the preview its shows the correct position (reader left) 

Now when you hit merge the ptz camera will  snap back to its original location; (zoomed all the way back)

I have a video clip showing the action


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