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using PT20x-ndi with Ecamm live

We use Ecamm live and ordered two 20x-ndi cameras that just arrived.  We are very excited to begin using these cameras but are having a lot of difficulty with Ecamm Live "seeing" them as NDI sources.  We have the cameras connected via a POE switch and assigned static IP addresses.  We can access the camera through a web browser and control them both through the browser and with the PZTOptics Mac control app but we can't view anything through them.  The "live" plug in doesn't work on the browser and Ecamm doesn't see any ndi cameras available.  Ecamm's site says it is possible that an NDI HX driver might need to be installed on our Mac (a mini running on Catalina)  Anyway, a bit frustrated as we spent two hours last night with an engineer, a computer programmer, and a school IT guy and we can't get this thing up and running :) 

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Have you downloaded the NDI Tools from NewTek? They include the NDI HX driver and that driver is required to pull in the NDI feed from the cameras.

After installing the NDI tools the cameras should show up as NDI sources. 

It is possible they won't show up right away in Ecamm or Video Monitor (part of the NDI tools) after the driver is installed. Sometimes NDI discovery will not work depending on how your network is configured and you may need to use another tool to get them to show up as sources. That tool is called Access Manager and is included with the NDI Tools. Using Access Manager, under Remote Sources, you can manually add the IP addresses of your cameras. That will force them to show up as NDI sources in Ecamm live. 

As far as the live preview not showing up in the IP interface, you can get that working by following the steps in this article.

If you are still having trouble getting your cameras to work with NDI, please reach out to Support.

Our number is 484-593-2584. Support is available from 8 AM to 6 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

Or you could submit a support ticket here.

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