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Cannot control 2 cameras form the Dockable OBS Controllers

I have 2 PTZ optics 30x NDI cameras.

I can control one of them from the Dockable controllers in OBS, but when I change the IP for the second camera in the settings, it changes for both docked controllers.

I am using /obs-windows/4. LARGE CONTROLLER.html for CAM1

and /obs-windows/CAMERA 2/4. LARGE CONTROLLER.html for CAM2

Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

Hi William,

That is a known bug that exists with the Dockable controllers at the moment. We are working on a fix and should be releasing an updated version soon.

I will respond here once that update has been released and is available for download on the OBS Plugin page.


We were able to solve this by making a duplicate of the javascript file with a new container name for the data object and  pointing the 2nd controller.html at the new js file.

I can post the specific details if you want them.

Once you set up the dockable controllers in OBS. Go to properties and set the correct IP address. Then simply close OBS and reopen it. It should start working.

Yeah, that is something that several users have reported using as a fix. But thank you for letting us know. At this point I think we have already implemented a fix for this specific issue but we are working on a few other updates to the plugin and dockable controllers before releasing the update. 

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@Paul Richards

That's fine for 1 controller, but if you have 2 controllers, changing the properties on 1 controller changes both.

@Colin B - I'm another user having the exact same issue.  Glad I found this thread...

@William Brillinger - thanks for the tip!  I'm no Java expert, but I was able to figure out what you did and duplicate it on the first try.  Problem solved!

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Struggling with the same problem... know its staring me in the face but cant seem to see it!

For the second camera you need to make a second duplicate html file and bring in a 2nd dock.
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