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Storing of Camera Presets

We would like to use the PTZOptics open source software with OBS Studio for controlling a Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera, for which we have yet to take delivery.  Would  the half dozen presets be retained in memory using the software or are the settings lost each time the computer is restarted?

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First, I would recommend using the OBS plugin instead of the Open Source software, unless you have a specific need for the Open source version. 

The presets are saved on the camera itself though. So you can close/reopen the control tool and not need to reset the presets. This also means you can call those same presets through other control interfaces like the IR remote or through the cameras web interface. 

I really wanted a PTZOptics pan, tilt zoom camera with NDI for our church.  At some future point we may get there.  Currently, we are using a $150 surveillance 1080p IP camera.  Using OBS Studio I was able to crop out  various 720p segments and expand to fit screen to give the illusion that we had a sophisticated camera.  We stream to YouTube.

Suffice to say we have stepped up to a pan, tilt zoom capable camera from an alternative supplier.  It has yet to arrive and when it does I'll install the PTZOptics plugin in OBS Studio and see how it fares.

Thank you for getting back to me and the advice.

Those tools were designed for use with our own cameras. So they may not work with other manufacturer's cameras. 

Assuming your cameras handle the VISCA commands in the same way they would also need to be using the same control ports. So you may need to change the ports on your cameras. 

The PTZOptics control ports are, TCP: 5678 and UDP: 1259.

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