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Our church is looking at purchasing a PTZOptics 20x-USB Gen2 camera for live streaming services. Will this camera work with StreamYard (, a web-based live streaming studio?

If so, how would be the best method to connect the camera to the studio? Thanks.

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Yes the USB models will work with StreamYard. 

Hello Phillip,

The USB models should work fine with StreamYard.

It looks like StreamYard can bring in standard USB webcams as video sources. 

And the PT12X-USB Gen 2 will show up as a normal USB webcam when connected through USB to the computer.

Hi Colin,

I appreciate your reply to my question. 

If using the HDMI output of the PT12X-USB Gen 2, will a video capture device be needed?

I already have a 50' HDMI cable and would like to use that to connect to my computer.


Hi Phillip,

If you plan to use the HDMI output of the camera you would need to use a capture device to bring the video feed into the computer. 

Something like this Magewell should work well. 

This sound great.

Is it also possible to connect the output video feed via the USB 3.0B port to a VGA overhead projector?

You would not be able to convert the USB output directly to VGA for the projector. 

The USB output would need to be connected to a computer because they rely on the built in OS drivers to function as video sources.

You could potentially convert the HDMI from the camera to VGA. 

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