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Individual Preset Pan/Tilt/Zoom Speeds

Is it possible to set individual pan/tilt/zoom speeds for various presets.   It seems tight shots move too fast, wide shots too slow.    I'm using a PT20X-USB-WH-G2 camera and HuddleCamHD HC-JOY-G2 Serial Controller Joystick. 

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If you go to MotionSync in the OSD menu under SETUP, and then hit the home button or OSD enter, it very clearly tells you whether it is Off or On. If it is On, it should have a Max Speed set as well. You do have to go into the motionsync menu to get the On or Off option. 

Per my last email, MotionSync does not indicate whether it is on or off.  I see no difference when I think I've turned it on, of if I think I've turned it off.

If MotionSync is turned off in the OSD menu, then the speeds should all be the same as what is set as the Call preset speed. If MotionSync is on, different presets can be at different speeds but they try and end the PTZ all at the same time.  

At the risk of causing  confusion and having just begun being involved with PTZ and OBS (Church)...

We too, had camera pre-sets that reacted differently re: pan and Zoom...

The scene that was to fast just panned from pulpit to piano...with no zoom change...

Scenes that had pan AND zoom, moved slower...

Added a zoom to the piano scene and the speed of the "pan" became slower and synced with zoom...

I have struggled a bit with understanding all...and a long way to go.

Colin has provided guidance in some of my problems induced by firmware upgrade...



Hi Richard,

If the camera does not seem to be responding to changes to the Call Preset Speed or Pre Zoom Speed options in the OSD, make sure that Motion Sync is not enabled on the camera. Motion Sync will cause the camera to ignore those other two settings. Motion Sync should be listed under the Setup sub-menu of the OSD.

I would also make sure the camera is on the latest firmware. You can download the latest firmware from our Firmware Files page.

Hi. Having issues with the PAN speed.

Using PTZ-20X-SDI-G2 camera with a PT-Joy-G4 controller.

I have two camera presets that are on the same vertical (Tilt) plane, so when switching between the two, that camera just pans left or right (going between pulpit and lectern) . No matter what I set the Call Preset Speed at, the camera quickly moves from one position to the other as fast as it can.  Dizzying.  Any way to correct this to a slower PAN speed?  I did go into the OSD, selected the slowest speed (1) and saved the presets via the OSD with no change.

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Hello Deer Lake United Church,

Unfortunately, in the current release of the Desktop Control App (v1.4.1), the speed options do not save if you close/reopen the app or switch between cameras. Those options will always revert to the default setting of 5.

We are aware of the issue and it should be addressed in the next update to the app. 

We are controlling two PTZ30X-NDI cameras over ethernet. We select camera presets using an Elgato Stream Deck but fine-tune pan, tilt and zoom using the PYZOptics app. We have managed to set the preset call speeds using the Call Preset Speed and Pre Zoom Speed. However, so far we are unable to save a zoom speed for manual pan, tilt and zoom using the PTZOptics app. When I change the settings in the CONTROL/SPEED OPTIONS area of the advanced view they keep resetting all values to 5. What is the correct procedure?

I beleive PTZOptics cameras allow up to 180+ presets per camera (some of the 0-255 press numbers are resevered). These can then be called individually via HTTP-CGI:

In OBS/StreamLabs OBS (SLOBS) you can create scene collections for each event type, with their own preset calls.   You can then simply change to an event associated collection, and set scenes to call the corresponding presets via HTTP-CGI.

We use a tablet running Touch Portal which makes the calls and switches camera scenes within SLOBS.

So what you are looking for is possible.

Hi Marilou,

There is no way to save different sets of presets or profiles consisting of unique presets. 

All presets are saved on the camera itself. 

Silly question from a church lady, is it possible to save presets for each event such as the Mass as one event, we should’ve presets for that and the Stations of the Cross is another event and therefore another set of presets for that. Does it make sense? Appreciate your help. Thanks

Hi Gene,

I believe Colin has addressed your question about "What speed by zoom does" above, if you need further information please let us know.

"SpeedByZoom is an option that will scale down the pan and tilt speeds of the camera when the camera is zoomed in. 

This makes it easier to make small adjustments to the pan/tilt position with the IR remote when the camera is Zoomed in close to the max zoom value."

In an effort to help uncover the cause of this strange preset behavior I have a few questions I would like to pose:

How are you currently controlling the camera? (IR Remote, the Mac or Windows App, vMix, PT-JOY-G3, etc...)

In the cameras OSD under Setup do you have "Motion Sync" turned ON or OFF?

When you disable "Speed by Zoom" and try recalling presets does the issue persist?

Can you provide a short example video of the presets behaving differently?

We look forward to hearing from you when you have the opportunity and hope this message finds you having a wonderful day.

Since my camera still acts erratically between presets (some go very quickly and others go very slowly) I feel that I am missing something in your set up parameters.  "Call Preset Speed" and "Preset Zoom Speed are both set to the lowest values.  Changing them does not eliminate the problem.

I have searched all the articles you suggested - and there are a lot - thinking "Speed by Zoom" might have something to do with my problem, but still cannot find anything to tell me what that does.

Hi Gene,

We do have a guide on the Knowledge Base that goes over Adjusting Preset Speeds and Enabling MotionSync.

SpeedByZoom is an option that will scale down the pan and tilt speeds of the camera when the camera is zoomed in. This makes it easier to make small adjustments to the pan/tilt position with the IR remote when the camera is Zoomed in close to the max zoom value. 

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Finally I find out!  I wonder why there is no place in any manuals that describes exactly what these settings do.  I've looked everywhere for this but never found a site that explains it.
How about "Speed by Zoom?"  What does that control?

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