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Individual Preset Pan/Tilt/Zoom Speeds

Is it possible to set individual pan/tilt/zoom speeds for various presets.   It seems tight shots move too fast, wide shots too slow.    I'm using a PT20X-USB-WH-G2 camera and HuddleCamHD HC-JOY-G2 Serial Controller Joystick. 

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Hi. Having issues with the PAN speed.

Using PTZ-20X-SDI-G2 camera with a PT-Joy-G4 controller.

I have two camera presets that are on the same vertical (Tilt) plane, so when switching between the two, that camera just pans left or right (going between pulpit and lectern) . No matter what I set the Call Preset Speed at, the camera quickly moves from one position to the other as fast as it can.  Dizzying.  Any way to correct this to a slower PAN speed?  I did go into the OSD, selected the slowest speed (1) and saved the presets via the OSD with no change.

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Hi Richard,

If the camera does not seem to be responding to changes to the Call Preset Speed or Pre Zoom Speed options in the OSD, make sure that Motion Sync is not enabled on the camera. Motion Sync will cause the camera to ignore those other two settings. Motion Sync should be listed under the Setup sub-menu of the OSD.

I would also make sure the camera is on the latest firmware. You can download the latest firmware from our Firmware Files page.

At the risk of causing  confusion and having just begun being involved with PTZ and OBS (Church)...

We too, had camera pre-sets that reacted differently re: pan and Zoom...

The scene that was to fast just panned from pulpit to piano...with no zoom change...

Scenes that had pan AND zoom, moved slower...

Added a zoom to the piano scene and the speed of the "pan" became slower and synced with zoom...

I have struggled a bit with understanding all...and a long way to go.

Colin has provided guidance in some of my problems induced by firmware upgrade...



If MotionSync is turned off in the OSD menu, then the speeds should all be the same as what is set as the Call preset speed. If MotionSync is on, different presets can be at different speeds but they try and end the PTZ all at the same time.  

Per my last email, MotionSync does not indicate whether it is on or off.  I see no difference when I think I've turned it on, of if I think I've turned it off.

If you go to MotionSync in the OSD menu under SETUP, and then hit the home button or OSD enter, it very clearly tells you whether it is Off or On. If it is On, it should have a Max Speed set as well. You do have to go into the motionsync menu to get the On or Off option. 

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