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Pan/Tilt as Function of Zoom

It would be nice if you could set the camera to control pan and tilt speed as a function of zoom, such that when the camera is zoomed in the pan/tilt speed is reduced and when it is zoomed out the pan tilt speed increases.  

Hi Alan,

Yes, those two options will affect the preset recall speed of the cameras. 

Call Preset Speed determines the pan/tilt speed when presets are called.

Pre Zoom Speed determines the zoom speed when presets are called. 

Lower values correspond to slower speeds and higher values correspond to a faster speed.

I would like to be able to slow down the movement of the preset when called. Currently when I move from say a wide shot to a closeup the PTZ process will be very quick .  Is this what the Call reset Speed is for and the Pre Zoom Speed ? 

Hi Stewart,

Are you using the free camera control app

Those speed options in the Advanced View section should be where you adjust the pan/tilt and zoom speeds. One thing to note is those options will only apply when you are controlling the camera from that specific control interface. So if you were using the remote or a joystick for example changing those options would not make a difference. Also those speed options are only for when you are manually controlling the camera with the control buttons. Those speeds would not apply when calling presets. 

You can adjust the speed the cameras move between presets too. There are two settings within the camera's OSD menu that affect the pan/tilt and zoom speeds that the camera will move at when calling presets. Those settings are Call Preset Speed and Pre Zoom Speed under the P/T/Z submenu of the camera's OSD menu.

If the camera does not seem to be responding to changes you make to the speed values in the app, it may need a firmware update. The latest firmware for the cameras can be found using our Firmware Finder

How can I slow down the speed to the tilt/pan function of my camera?  I tried to use this control in the advanced features but it really didn't change the speed.  

Hello Joe,

There is a setting that functions like you described. The Setting is called SpeedByZoom and it is in the P/T/Z sub menu. This would only apply when you are controlling the camera with the IR remote though. 

So if you are using a hardware based joystick controller or our free camera control software for example, that setting would not apply. That is because those control interfaces send the movement commands with speed values built in. So the speed will always be determined by the value you have set in the control interface. So if you will be making fine adjustments to fully zoomed in shots setting the speed value low can help.

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