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Using older Sony Rm-BR300 VISCA controller to control PTZ

I was under the assumption that the PTZoptics cameras can be controlled by  the Sony BR300. We have one of those that we used to control our old standard def cameras and wished to use it on our several PTZOptics cameras.  I have connected them in several ways but haven't got a response out of the cameras.  The cameras come with a cable. It can connect to the back of the BR300 RS232C port.  I have a gender changer to connect a second adapter to the 9 pin end and then into the camera.  I don't get any response.  I also purchased a few RS232c to RJ45 to run to camera and no response.

Is there any way you can help me?

Jeff Ely

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Hi Jeff,

We have tested that controller with our cameras and got it to work over RS 232.

You would need to use RS 232 Cascade cabling (mini din to mini din) in order to get it working. If you connect the DB9 to 8 pin mini din that comes with the camera through adapters it likely will not have the correct pin out after the conversions. Here is an example of the cabling you would need to connect from camera to joystick. 

We did not have any success getting control through RS 485. 

Hello Jeff, I was wondering if you got the cameras to work with the Sony RM-BR300 as I'm looking to replace some old cameras as well. If you did could you kindly say how you got them working? With thanks, Stefan G.

Hi Stefan,

We have tested our cameras with the Sony RM-BR300 and it did work when using a RS 232 connection. We have an article that goes over our testing. 

You would just need a RS 232 cascade cable to go from the Joystick to the Camera. There is an example of this cable in an earlier response. 

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