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HTTP command for "tell me the current pan/tilt/zoom"

I'm writing some software that would ideally be able to keep its own set of presets, without interfering with those on the camera. I want users to be able to position the camera where they want, and then record the position so they can get back to it whenever they want.

I'm aware I could do this with the HTTP  "posset"/"poscall" commands, but that requires keeping track of which preset numbers correspond with which named presets in my software - and they could clash with presets that other users set up for other reasons.

The "abs" command allows me to set the values to whatever I want - but I need to know what those values are first. I'm hoping that I've just missed an HTTP command that already tells me the current absolute pan/tilt/zoom... but if I haven't, please could this be considered for a future version? (Other suggestions for how to accomplish something similar are welcome - but I'm hoping to avoid having to implement the "get the initial position right via control" part itself within my app, simply because that's UI that already exists elsewhere.)

Hello Jon,

Unfortunately, there isn't a command to query the pan, tilt, and zoom position info with the HTTP commands. We are working on adding more commands to the HTTP command set.

You would be able to accomplish what you are trying to do with VISCA commands. Here is a link to the VISCA command set, it is a bit more detailed then the HTTP command set is at the moment.

And the linked forum post below explains the commands you would be interested in and how to use them.

Thanks - yes, since asking this I've implemented VISCA integration which is surprisingly simple.

Hi Jon, can you tell us how you did this? I'm very interested.

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