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OBS Sound output

We have a PTZOptics 20X SDI camera and couldn't be more pleased with it.  

We are using OBS on a Windows PC for our church. We currently use a USB headset to "Monitor & Output" everything.

What we are trying to do is also get the Media Source's sound (pre-recorded music/video that is already on the laptop) to come out the 3.5mm headphone jack as well so we can pipe it into the church's audio system so people there can hear it while it is streaming. However, we don't want them to hear everything else; just the pre-recorded pieces. Therefore, when we switch to a scene with a Media Device, ideally it would send the sound out to the computer's audio jack, to the stream, and we'd monitor it on the headset, and when we switch to a scene without the Media Source, it would just turn off any sound that was going to the headphone jack.

We tried VB-Audio Voicemeeter but were unable to figure out how to do it using that. Does anyone know a way to accomplish this?  

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