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NDI without a Switch?

When I purchased the camera from BH I was under the impression I could plug the ethernet into my iMac and into the camera and it would work without a switch. But I can't figure out the networking and everything I am reading refers to a switch.

I have a non-traditional internet setup so I have no router. I have to use two hotspots and then use bonding software. 

I really don't know what to do from here.

Can I simply plug in the ethernet to my iMac and the camera? Or do I have to use a switch?

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Hi Shaun,

This is 100% possible and was just confirmed as functioning properly on the current version of the Mac OS.

To setup your system in this method you would need to assign a static IP on the PTZOptics NDI|HX camera.

Next you would need to assign a static IP and subnet mask to the Macs NIC in the same subnet as the PTZOptics camera.

Now directly connect the cameras network port to the Macs network port using a standard network cable.

Note that the camera will require being powered by the included power supply unless a PoE injector is in place.

At this point you should be able to open Video Monitor and connect to the PTZOptics NDI|HX camera as if it was on a network.

If you are unable to discover the PTZOptics NDI|HX camera using Video Monitor please follow the steps below

Close Video Monitor and open NDI Access Manager.

In Access Manager navigate to the "Remote Sources" tab.

Create a new entry using "PTZ Optics Camera" from the drop down menu and using the static IP as assigned to the camera above.

You can use any title that will assist you in easily identifying the camera.

Click OK / Apply and exit NDI Access Manager

When you open Video Monitor again you should see a new NDI Source available under the name you assigned to it in NDI Access Manager.

Once selected you should now have a live video feed from your PTZOptics NDI|HX camera displayed via the direct network connection on your Mac PC

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to return to the forums and ask away.

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