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Flash Player Support

 Hi , we have recently installed two cameras - one a pan-tilt-zoom PT12X-SDI and a fixed PT12X-ZCAM. Very happy with both.

BUT one big concern: we are using the web interface to control them. What happens when Flash Player goes away at the end of the year?

An alternative would be the PTZ Control App, but I haven't been able to make it connect to the cameras - "connection refused". Perhaps a username/password problem? The cameras are obviously accessible on our network because the web interfaces work fine.

1) Any plans for non-flash web control? Needed very soon!

2) Any suggestions for the PTZ Control App?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ian,

You're PTZOptics camera is capable of supporting a live preview in a number of methods.

For the Web Interface the two options detailed below should enable a live preview sans support for Flash.

MJPEG for Secondary Stream

This option has been shown to work with Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome and Firefox on the Windows OS.

This option has been shown to work with Chrome on the Mac OS.

From the web interface of your camera navigate to the "Video" section.

Scroll down until you see "Second stream" listed.

Now change the "Encode Protocol" from H264 / H265 to MJPEG

Click the "Apply" button and the bottom of the page.

Navigate to the "System" section of the Web Interface.

Click the "Reboot" button and confirm to commit the reboot.

Open the Web Interface again and in the Live Preview section select "JPEG"

On rare occasion a restarting of the browser has been required.

You should now see a live preview of your PTZOptics camera from the web interface.

The only notes associated with the MJPEG option are that this will disable the ability for NDI to provide a low bandwidth mode and that the OSD will not present itself via the Secondary stream for OSD adjustments.


Internet Explorer Active X Plugin

This option is for use with Internet Explorer, not Edge, and only on the Windows OS.

Download the PTZOptics ActiveX Plugin from the PTZOptics website

Once fully installed restart Internet Explorer.

Now from the cameras Web Interface select the "IE" option from the drop down.

This may require you to allow the plugin to run per notifications from the browser.

You should now see a live preview of your PTZOptics camera from the web interface.

This information can also be found on our Knowledge Base along with other helpful information

For your issues with the PTZOptics Control App...

The most common issues we find when this error is occurring is an IP Conflict where the address set on the camera happens to match an address on another device on the network.

I would start be ensuring there are no IP conflicts between the cameras IP addresses and other devices connected to the same network.

For more information on setting up the cameras on the network please see the following guide from our Knowledge base

If these suggestions were unable to assist you please do not hesitate to return to forums with any additional information on the issue and we will be happy to help or feel free to contact our support team using our ticketing system, e-mail or phone for more "hands-on" assistance.

Hi Matthew - thanks for the very quick response.

I'll try out the MJPEG. Not keen on using IE, but it's good to know that it's there as a backup.

Regarding the Control App, I am 99.9% certain there are no IP conflicts but I will double check. The cameras have static IPs in our audio/video system's VLAN.

I'll report back in a couple of days

Sorry to say this hasn't worked. I don't have an MJPEG option on either camera, just H264/H265... see screenshot.

In general my navigation through the web interface doesn't match your description. I've included screenshots of the camera software versions.

Thanks again.

(7.03 KB)
(7.13 KB)
(113 KB)

Hi Ian,

I am sorry to hear about this confusion between our interfaces.

Out of curiosity are you seeing that on one of the models or both?

If you are able to perform a Firmware Upgrade to the unit(s) using the PTZOptics Firmware Finder we should be able to see the same thing(s)

Note: Requires device serial number to ensure the proper firmware is served

If you have any issues updating the firmware on your PT12X-SDI-xx-G2 or PT12X-ZCAM please do not hesitate to return to the forums or reach out to our awesome support team.

Also if you do not see the same interfaces after updating please let us know and we will be happy to assist you further.

Hi Matt,

Yes, the interface is the same for both cameras.

I'll do the firmware updates, unfortunately it's not trivial to get the serial numbers. Both need ladders to access and then I'll need remove each camera from its bracket to reveal the label... note to your product designers to think about label & bracket positions, and note to myself to photograph serial number labels in future!

Thanks. I'll post back again in due course.

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