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Camera Controller issues

Hello, We use our 2 NDI PTZoptics cameras for almost a year now in our church. We use OBS with the PTZoptics controller plugin. The issue appeared recently, I can not manually control one of the cameras to turn left or up, it only works turning right and down. While using the previous saved presets, the camera is able to turn left and up, but when I manually press left or up, it doesn't do anything. The second camera works great. I tried deleting the OBS and installing the latest 26.0.2, but the problem still remains. 
I am not sure if its a software or hardware issue, please help, thank you!

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Hi Church of Transfiguration,

It sounds like there may have been a Pan / Tilt Limit set accidentally.

In the PTZOptics OBS Controller, when you are connected to a camera, allows you to select "Pan / Tilt Limit Set" from the Settings Menu.

When enable it can limit your pan or tilt movements in theory to match the desired "stage" and prevent moving outside of that area.

When enabled by accident it can be a very frustrating experience.

If you open the "Pan / Tilt Limit Setting" window and click the two (2) "Clear" buttons then click "Apply" it should bring everything back to default full range movement.

Note: A camera reboot may be required at this point to commit the changes

If you continue to experience issues please do not hesitate to reach out to our PTZOptics support team via chat, e-mail, ticket, phone or by returning to the forums.

We hope this suggestion removes the Pan & Tilt limitations you are current experiencing.

Hi, we have a similar question.

I was experimenting by setting some pan/tilt limits to the camera using the PTZOptics  camera controller on my mac laptop, then aftewards tried to return to default settings, but can't do so.

So when using the controls, the camera only goes up or right, but won't go left or down - though it will still move to those presets which are either left or down. I have tried 'clear' and 'apply' on the pan/tilt limit setting, as well as re-entering the default (32767) and 'apply'. But it doesn't seem to work.

I'm attaching a photo. Any ideas? Do I have to remove the plug-in altogether and reinstall? Will this work, or are these limits now stored in my camera itself? And if so, how do I reprogramme it? 


Hi Charles, 

If the options in the app do not seem to be working, there is another way to reset the pan/tilt limits on the camera.

In the OSD menu of the camera, the last option will be Restore Defaults.

Open that sub menu, change "P/T Limit Reset?" to Yes. Press Enter and the pan/tilt limits will be cleared. 

Thanks so much Colin - that has sorted it!

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