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30x PTZ cam with SlingStudio - 2-3 sec. Delay

My church just purchased a the 30x zoom PTZ camera (not NDI) and the SlingStudio with CameraLink. No matter if the camera’s HDMI is plugged directly into the SlingStudio Hub or through the CameraLink there is a full 2-3 second delay when we PTZ. Is this normal? Makes it VERY difficult to adjust the camera quickly, and impossible to do any kind of dramatic pans or zooms during a worship service.

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Hello Eric,

How are you controlling your cameras?

That delay you are seeing could be due to latency from processing being done on the SlingStudio Hardware.

There should not be 2-3 seconds of latency when using the HDMI output of the camera. The latency with the HDMI output of the cameras should be around 130 ms, which really shouldn't be noticeable. If you try connecting the camera directly to a monitor, bypassing your SlingStudio hardware, do you still see a lot of latency? 

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