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Save Camera Configuration

Is there a way to save the entire camera configuration as a preset (Full menu pages, Exposure, Color, Image, etc). We have been using 2 of our 3 cameras for some outdoor services every other week and I'm tired of manually reseting everything for the inside/outside settings. Hoping there's a way to automate this a bit.

Hello Jason,

Unfortunately, there is no way to save the full set of camera settings as a preset on the camera. 

You would need to adjust the various options each time it is moved. 

Its a relatively higher end PTZ camera system whose base application provided to control it resets almost everything to its factory defaults each time you launch it.  Its been a super mega convenient feature for all my non-tech users trying to run these cameras.

Hi Jason Davis,

There is no direct method, on camera, to accomplish what you are inquiring about.

This can be, to a large degree, handled using a simple click-to-run python script though.

I have put together the following example for you to customize as needed for your production(s).

The python file will allow for you to issue any PTZOptics VISCA over IP commands to automatically configure the camera as needed.

PTZOptics VISCA over IP Commands:

This example will handle adjusting the focus, white balance, exposure modes to clearing P/T limits and so much more

To find out more about controlling the cameras in this method and more please find a Knowledge Base article about programming for our cameras

If you have any follow up questions about using python to create easy to set profiles for your cameras please do not hesitate to return to the forums.


Clearly I am more of a beginner here - 

Looking for clarification on "What happens when an NDI PTZOptics camera is "rebooted" via the web page or the power switch is used on the back of the camera.

So far my experience is ALL of the color calibration work done is wiped out and camera goes back to default state.

I have used the "manual VAR" mode and adjusted RG and BG values on both cameras to get them to match really nicely, and the next time we use the cameras all of these settings are gone.

Is my only choice to figure out how to "setup a python script" with the values I want and train our volunteers how how to run this script each time they startup?

Last question here - in the sample python script - I want to add a line to "set the color temp to a direct value".

The documentation has - bytes.fromhex('810104200p0qFF') #Set Color Temp to direct value - pq: Color Temperature position 0x00: 2500K ~ 0x37: 8000K

I am not a programmer - so I am having a hard time figuring out the hex value here if I want to use for 3900K?  Can someone enter the hex value that would equal "3900K"?

thanks - 

Hi Howard,

Where are you changing your camera's Color options?

Any changes to the Color settings made through the camera's OSD menu should be saved. They should not be lost when your camera is rebooted.

If you are making those adjustments through the OSD and they are not saving, I would make sure that your camera is up to date on firmware.

You can download the latest firmware for your camera from our Firmware Finder.

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