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Fade in /out

Hi folks:

New camera for the church and just trying to figure it out.  Is there any way to fade in / fade out of one shot to the next without the choppy camera movement?  Seems like a relatively simple feature, but I cannot figure it out.  Does this capability exist in the camera?  Thanks

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Hi Sean,

The camera does not have a fade in / fade out option when calling presets. The cameras do have an Image Freeze feature. This option will freeze the camera image when a preset is called. Then after the camera reaches the preset position the image will unfreeze. This feature is only supported over the SDI, HDMI, or USB outputs currently and would not work if you are using the network feed. The Image Freeze option is in the OSD menu under the P/T/Z sub menu.

Lowering the speed the camera moves when calling presets can also help provide less abrupt or choppy looking movement. There are two settings within the camera's OSD menu that affect the pan/tilt and zoom speeds that the camera will move at when calling presets. Those settings are Call Preset Speed and Pre Zoom Speed under the P/T/Z submenu of the camera's OSD menu.

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