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OBS Won't Present NDI Camera as Video Capture Device

  1. I have all my devices on, the PC is .100 and the camera .159
  2. The PC is running Win10 Home
  3. I can control the single camera (#1)  using the remote. *#4 shows on monitor connected via HDMI
  4. I can ping the camera from the Windows command prompt.
  5. I can control the camera from within OBS using the PTZOptics OBS Plug-in.
  6. I cannot connect the camera to the PC by any other means than IP (perhaps USB, but I haven't tried that ... it has to work via IP.
  7. But, within OBS I cannot choose the PTZ camera as my Video Capture Device ... it's not in the chooser dialog
Is there something I'm missing?
  1. Does PTZ or OBS need more than Win10 Home?
  2. Is there something from NDI that I need to add to OBS?

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Hello Tim,

First, you would need to install the NDI tools from NewTek in order to use the NDI feed of the camera. 

You would also need to install the OBS NDI plugin for OBS. 

The OBS plugin will add a new source type that will be listed as NDI Source. You would want to add the camera as an NDI source, it will not show up as a Video Capture Device. 

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Thanks Colin. I kinda worked out what to do (as you suggest) after my posting. I think I was following older instructions that asked me to copy files into the plug-in directory.  But getting the NDI tools and some packages from Github did the trick. It's all working now. Thanks again.

I have a similar issue. I'm running on Mac OS Big Sur. I see the camera feed and can control the camera through the PTZ OPtics Mac app but I can't see or connect to the camera in OBS or NDI Video Monitor.  Would downloading the plugin fix the issue? I'm not around the computer for a week or so so I'm trying to get all possible solutions before I go back. 


Hi Daniel,

Do you know by chance if the Mac is being used with a hard wired network connection or wirelessly?

We look forward to helping you solve this issue and hope this message finds you having a wonderful day.

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