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IP PTZ Controller Joystick variable response ??

New user with the IP PTZ Controller. Is the joystick really an on/off sensing? Really? I must be missing something.

I was expecting it to be linearly responsive, as in, move it a little, the camera moves slowly. Move it hard over, and the camera responds more quickly.

Surely you have the capability to read the position of the joystick and provide a variable response rate based on the degree to which the stick is moved.

Same goes for the zoom function. 

Am I missing something? Or does this need to be on the new features (that should have already been there) list?

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Hi David,

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues using your PTZOptics PT-JOY-G3 with your PTZOptics camera(s).

The PT-JOY-G3 does in fact feature linear response to joystick movement (P/T/Z) once outside of the standard "dead-zone" associated with joysticks that is relatively small.

Of note if your SPEED settings, available for adjustment from the SPEED button on the PT-JOY-G3, are all set for the highest possible speeds it may result in an ON / OFF feel.

I would recommend checking the SPEED settings and adjusting them lower to see if that may be the cause of your ON / OFF experience.

One last thing I like to suggest, to ensure everything is working as best as possible, is ensuring that the camera(s) are utilizing the latest and greatest firmware

Firmware specific to your PTZOptics camera can be located on the PTZOptics Firmware Finder that does require the cameras serial number to ensure the proper firmware is provided.

The serial number can be located on the camera, the camera box or in the Web Interface of the camera in the Information section. 

If the steps mentioned above are not able to resolve the ON / OFF nature of control you are experiencing I would submit a ticket with PTZOptics support as this is likely to be a hardware issue.

If you have any other questions we can assist with please do not hesitate to return to the forums

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