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IR remote control extender

I am looking at getting a SDI 30x camera for our church.  I want to mount the camera on a wall of the balcony which would have it below the railing.

We have a Sound Booth located in the balcony but the front of the camera would not be seen.  I was wondering if we could add an IR Extender to the camera to allow for use of the remote to select PRESETs rather than having to move to the controller.

If an extender was allowed, is there any connections on the rear of the camera to receive the signal.  The extender has a transmitter that would be placed in front of the existing IR sensor on the camera and would have a cable reaching up to 25 feet from the camera where the remote would be mounted.

Is this possible or what else might work?

Hi Scott,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

Using an IR repeater would be a good option in that scenario. 

The IR sensors on the camera are on the front though, next to the Power and Standby lights.

Another solution to consider for control would be using our free Camera Control App

The cameras would just need a network connection in order to control them through the app. 

I am using volunteers with limited technical knowledge.  We plan to setup preset locations and it would be easier to use the remote once up and running.  That would be where the IR repeater would play a role.

We have the purchase approved and will be ordering the 30xSDI with the IP controller and wall mount.  All of the connections and cables will be ran in plastic raceways from the camera to the sound booth.  This will protect improper interaction with the connections.

The preset positions are saved within the camera, so you would be able to call all the presets from the remote, IP Controller, or app.

The app is relatively straightforward to use, so it could be an additional tool down the line if you think the volunteers would be comfortable with it. 

One last question.  Does the camera have to remain powered to retain the presets or can it be cycled on and off before and after an event?   Is there any way to backup the settings in case the system burbs?

We ordered the camera system today on Amazon through your store.  It should be here near or just after Christmas.

The saved presets and any settings changes made through the OSD menu will be remembered even if the camera is Rebooted.

With the newer Upgrade V2.8 tool you can save a Backup from the camera which would include the camera presets. That would really only be necessary if you are doing a Firmware upgrade though. 

For general advise:  Our Church has mounted our camera in a location where no direct sight line of the camera exist for using the IR Remote.  One of the comments was to get a IR Remote Extender that cost almost 200 dollars. 

I found a extender that works well and cost much less.   BAFX Products (Infrared) IR Remote Control Extender or IR Repeater Kit - Control 1 to 8 Devices (Expandable to 12!).  This one was on Amazon.

It comes with IR emitters with two emitters on each cable.  I placed one on each side of the LED lights for power and standby just to have more than one source.

The end of the cable is a 3.5mm MONO plug.  You can extend this for a distance and I used a 25 ft good quality headphone extender which had a male on one end and a female on the other.  This runs to the main box for the IR Remote Extender system.

I can control the camera completely by pointing the remote at the receiver in the booth.  This system cost under 30 dollars.

If you have a small budget, this has proven to work for me at a great price.

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