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Ore than 9 presets in desktop software

I saw in the changelog that more than 9 presets were available on the desktop software but could not find a mention of that in the manual.

I just wanted to confirm before I build a system around this idea that indeed you can have more than 9 (like 99 per camera?) and if so how are the recalled.

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Hello Chris,

With the latest version of the free camera control app (v1.4) you can set and call more than 9 presets. 

In this version you can set and call up to 127 presets directly in the app. There are still only 9 quick set/call presets in the main portion of the control pane.

To access the section of the app that will let you set/call additional presets go to Settings > Preset Setting. 

It will bring up a new window where you can set and call the presets. 


In the manual of the software is missing the rest of the paragraph explaining how to access, set and recall presets >9

"Adding Presets: The compact view of this application allows users to call up to 9 presets. If you have more presets you can" ...???


HI Juan,

Thanks for letting us know about the error in the manual.

The area where you can set and call additional presets is described in an earlier post but I will go over it again here.

You would want to select Settings > Preset Setting from the main menu bar along the top of the app. 

That will open a window that looks like the picture below.

The drop down menu will let you select the preset that you want to set or call. 

If you are saving a new preset, you will be able to edit the name and when you click Set a screenshot will be saved for the preview.

And if a preset has already been saved it will load the preview screenshot and the name will be listed as well.

We're having issues with operators, in the heat of battle,  hitting the SET button instead of the CALL button.  Any chance in future updates, to get either a way to lock that set button out, or even better, a pop up button board which could show more presets for one-touch operation?

This would be really handy for us, as we're a church that does many different services around the church itself, moving through Stations of the Cross, etc.  9 presets just isn't cutting it for anything other than our Sunday services.

Thanks so much for the app, nice piece of software.

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With Thane on this. I need more than 9 quick preset buttons. I'm looking for around 20-25 of them. 

I would also love a way to lock out the set button because of Thane's issue as well, accidentally hitting it instead of the call button.

Is there anything on the roadmap to expand on the quick presets? Kind of weird the software supports it manually, but you can't expand the grid from 9.

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Hello Thane and Adam,

The app does allow you to set/call more than 9 presets. There are instructions for doing so posted earlier in this thread. 

You just need to go to Settings > Preset Setting to access the area where you can set/call additional presets.

I will pass along the idea to the software team about a "Basic Mode" where presets can only be called.

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