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ZCAM Power On Zoom Reset

I have an application where a ZCAM is powered down when not in use in a small church. After a power cycle, it reverts to the factory zoom setting. Can the needed zoom setting be saved and then automatically recalled after a power cycle? There didn’t seem to be anything eluding to this in the manual. While I am aware the cameras are designed to be in 24/7, the switching power supply will only last so long, so powering down the camera is the method to ensure longevity of the power supply and maintain hassle free operation for the end user. I don’t have a camera to test in-house, otherwise I could have answered my own question. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Hello Kelly,

There is a way to recall a zoom value upon initial boot up.

If you save a Preset 0, the camera will power on, go through the boot up sequence and then recall that Preset 0.

So if you save Preset 0 at the Zoom value needed, the camera will move to that position every time after powering on. 


I thought that might be the case, but without the camera here I couldn't run a quick test.  Thank you for the response, I really appreciate it!

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