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Can the PTZ Optics OBS "Camera Control" Plugin dock in OBS?

I've downloaded the PTZ Optics OBS plugin as well as the Windows app. Both are working well. I like how the App saves a screenshot when you have a preset.

In practice, having the plugin open withing OBS works better for our single monitor setup. Is there a way to "dock" the plugin, in the similar way to the other customizable dock solution that PTZ optics also offers?

Using the OBS plugin, is there a way to create a screen shot like the Windows 10 app does? That's so painless, it would be great. Or did I not get a .dll in the right folder?

Thanks for the tips, and of course for the aoftware.

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Hello Michael,

There is no way to dock the OBS Plugin. You would have to use the Dockable Controllers you referenced if you wanted to have dockable solution.

Unfortunately, neither the Standard OBS Plugin or the Dockable Controllers save a screenshot over the preset buttons.

So it may be better to continue using the Standalone Windows app since it does support the screenshots. 

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