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IE 11 going away soon (April 2021)

Today I use IE 11 from home to remotely view and control PTZOptics cameras at our church.  I vpn into the church's network and then use to in IE 11 to access the camera.   I'm having problems using VLC from home (works fine onsite) so I depend on IE 11 (with activex plugin).   Is there going to be an upgrade to camera firmware to support HTML5?

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Hi Joe,

You don't necessarily need to use IE and that active x plugin to see the preview in the browser interface. 

The other method would be to change the Second Stream's Encode Protocol in the Video section of the Web Interface. You would want to set it to MJPEG. Then Click Apply at the bottom of the page and Reboot the camera. You can Reboot from the System section. Then once the camera comes back online you should be able to see the preview under the Live section.

We also have instructions for this process Here.

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