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Preset positions drift

Hi all, I’ve got a 20x hdmi camera that’s giving me some problems. The camera is used mostly on Sunday and sits all week. Each Sunday for about the last 6 weeks I start up my streaming setup and find that the camera presets have drifted. Mostly on the vertical, so the camera is pointing high. And it seems to be drifting farther each week now. I’m having to reprogram each preset and then it’s fine during the service, but next Sunday the presets are all pointing high again. Any ideas? Thanks Walter
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Hello Walter,

The camera should recall and maintain its presets even after being left running for extended periods.

I would try restoring the defaults on your camera. If you have the IR remote you can press *, then #, then 6 to trigger the Restore.

You can also open the OSD menu and Restore Default will be the last option in the menu.

Doing the Restore will erase your saved presets and reset saved camera settings.

I would also recommend upgrading your camera to the latest firmware version. You can download the latest firmware from the Firmware Finder.

After doing the restore and updating the camera try resaving your presets and see if that prevents the drifting issue.

If you are still experiencing the issue please let us know.

You can reach out to support directly by Submitting a Ticket.

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