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Cisco Camera? Can we make the PZT functions work?

Probably a bit of a forlorn hope but I am trying to get the open source control software to work with a Cisco Telepresence Precision HD 800-37226-02 B0 + camera.    This is a project for a not for profit organisation that doesn't have funding for new cameras and has been donated the cisco cameras.  Connection is via USB as the cameras are not ethernet enabled.   I can get video on the preview screen and I can control the focus of the camera but PZT functions do not work.   Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thanks Paddy

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Hi Paddy,

All of our various software controllers (Camera Control App, OBS Plugin, and Open Source controller) were designed to work with our own cameras. And they are all set up for network based control using VISCA over IP. The free Camera Control App does support USB based UVC control as well. However, the UVC control is not working in the current version of the app (v1.4).

So if that camera does not support network based control there is no way the Open Source controller will work. 

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