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Video appear out of focus when panning/tilting.

I have a 20x USB.  Using it on IP.  I have been just recording video with it on very slow pans but the video appears to go slightly out of focus the moment movement starts and is perfect when stationary.  I don't think it is to do with autofocus.  I am using OBS, but have tried VLC and get same effect on a couple of different computer with different graphics.  I have attached a file - all suggestions appreciated.  The file is MP4 without any filter etc applied, I had to cut the mkv file.  Thx

(13 MB)
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Hi Alan,

If you are using the network feed of the camera I would recommended double checking the camera's Video settings in the Web Interface. 

Try setting them based on the recommended settings in this guide

When making any changes in that web interface be sure to click Apply and then Reboot the camera from the System section for the changes to take effect. 

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