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NDI Dropping Frames

I've searched the Knowledge Base and can't find if this issue is covered.

We have 3 PTZ-20x-NDI/HX cameras that connect via a Ubiquiti PoE switch.  Our streaming software is vMix 4k.  I am noticing a lot of "Sourced Dropped" frames being recorded by vMix from the cameras.  We've checked our bandwidth and we are well below limits.  Causing some minor glitching.  We are are trying to find how to fix this issue.  

Also, I've entered the serial numbers into the firmware finder and the camera identification is not coming up correctly.  all three cameras were purchased in the second half of last year.  

Any ideas on the source of the issue?

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Hi Dale,

There was a recent issue were vMix was having issues with dropped frames/grey frames when using NDI. The latest NDI Tools should have addressed that problem though.

Try reinstalling the latest NDI Tools and see if that helps. 

It would be a good idea to firmware update the cameras as well. What results are you getting when entering the serial numbers into the Firmware Finder?

The SDI and NDI models get the same firmware so if the link is showing up as PT20X-SDI/NDI Firmware, that would be normal.

If you want to verify you are getting the correct firmware, you can Submit a Ticket with the camera's serial numbers. We can respond with links to the correct firmware files.

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