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Adjustable speed

It would be nice if the max. and min. speed for pan/tilt/zoom could be set via the webinterface. I mean the associated motor speed to the VISCA values. So you can slow down the speed on VISCA value 1 if you want. 

For example to be able to shoot nice movements with the 30x zoomed in.

At least it would be nice if the motor speed of pan/tilt/zoom would be slowed down for the 30x.

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Hi Thorsten,

There is a place to adjust the camera's Pan, Tilt, and Zoom speeds within the web interface. Those speed options will only apply when controlling the camera through the web interface though. This is because the actual VISCA commands themselves include the speed value. So if you are controlling the camera through a separate interface you would need to define the speed in that interface. 

It can be difficult to get smooth/slow movement with the camera fully zoomed in, especially with the 30X models. But having the pan/tilt speed set to 1 should correspond to the slowest motor speed the cameras are capable of. 

Hi Colin,

thanks for your answer. I am aware of this settings. I think this speed settings are corresponding the VISCA speeds. 

My wish is that the motor speed which depends on the speed 1 in the webinterface or the speed 1 at VISCA, can be set separately so that someone like me who uses the 30x mostly with more or less full zoom can slow down the speed and someone who uses a 12x and the speed 1 would be too slow can set it faster. 

But as I said it would also be great if the speed 1 at the 30x with full zoom is as less as possible with the motors.

I hope that there is space for less speed with the build in motors.

I cannot seem to adjust the pan/tilt speed with the PT-JOY-G3 controller.

Can anyone give me a run down.

I press the speed key and adjust the speed to 1, then press enter and esc, but the speed does not change.

Presently it is to fast and difficult to control.

You may still need to update the firmware on the camera to make sure it has access to speed control.

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