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ZCAM Setup with Blackmagic ATEM

I have a ZCAM that I want to use with my Blackmagic Television Studio HD switcher. Due to the frame rate that I we use (1080p/59.97) I purchased the Decimator MD-LX to frame rate convert the ZCAM, but i don’t know where to change the frame rates. Can you let me know if this is done within the ZCAM settings or elsewhere?

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Hello Ronnie,

You can adjust the ZCAM's SDI output resolution/framerate through its OSD menu.

The place to change the Resolution will be in the OSD under the Setting sub menu.

In order to see the OSD menu, you would need the video feed open, either the SDI feed or the network video feed. 

The camera will come set to output at 1080p30 over SDI. So you may be able to connect directly to the ATEM, see the video feed and make adjustments through the OSD.

If you can't get video from the SDI output due to the current setting (or if you have an ATEM with HDMI inputs) you would need to connect the camera to the network temporarily. That will allow you to access the network video feed so you can make adjustments in the OSD menu.

We have instructions for setting the camera up on the network here

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