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BlackMagicDesign Micro Converters

I'm trying to get one of them to work with a 30x-SDI Gen2.  It works at 1080p30 but not 1080p60.  I did read about issues with BMD products and PTZOptics cameras due to the Level A/B difference, but these converters are compatible with both and auto-switch.  Any idea why it won't work?

I just tried out one of the 3G models we got recently for applying a LUT to a handheld camera with the PTZ cameras and you are correct Joshua, the 3G versions of the micro converters don't work with the higher frame rates. This is baffling to me as the previous non-3G models work perfectly at 50/60 fps. I amend my earlier statement: The non-3G micro converters are your friends with these cameras.

My experience is from the other side.

The BMD Micro Converter SDI - HDMI-3G (f/w version 7.5.2) does not like the 1080p60 / 1080p50 from my PT12X-SDI-WH-G2 (SOC ver 6.3.29). 1080p25 / 1080p30 were OK.

I experienced the other side of the story.

But I am running 1080p50 as I am in the 50Hz country.

The only Micro Converter SDI-HDMI 3G with the latest f/w (7.5.2) still does not like my PT12X-SDI-G2 6.3.29 running 1080p60 or 1080p50. 1080p30 or 1080p25 are good.

I realize this is a few months old, but I just wanted to say for those who find this question later, the micro converters have no issues with the PTZ cameras at any output setting. We use 4 SDI to HDMI and 4 HDMI to SDI micro converters with 8 PTZ cameras at 1080p59.94 with a BMD TVS HD no problem (the TVS doesn't support true 60fps and also has 4 hdmi inputs and 4 sdi inputs, hence using both kinds of converters). It's far more likely that whatever op is trying to connect the camera to using the converter just doesn't support the high frame rate or is set to receive the wrong frame rate.

The BMD Micro Converters are your best friends when it comes to these cameras imo.


Even with the Blackmagic converters it seems this incompatibility still applies. So 1080p60, 50, and 59.94 will not work when using SDI.

Try using dial position B instead, that would be 1080i59.94.

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