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Long cable issues?


I've just received a SDI PTZ x30 camera and I'm having a few issues in getting it to work in situ and I haven't any experience.

I am coming from camera out through HDMI to 4KEX70-L 70m HDMI extender over ethernet through a 50m cat 7 cable to a projector. At the same time I am going to have a LAN connection to my computer for a local monitor image.

I tested the long cable with extenders at home between my tv and sat box correctly.

I tested the camera via HDMI straight to the projector and it worked.

I can connect to my laptop via LAN to the camera and it shows live image.

When I put camera HDMI through extender/long cable to projector it doesn't work. Screen is just blank.

I have camera set to 30fps.

Do I need the stream output turned on or is there some setting I could try to adjust?

Any suggestions anyone?

I hope the cable (now installed) isn't damaged!



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Hi David,

The only thing I can think of here is to go into the OSD of the camera and go to setup, and change the DVI mode to be the opposite of what it is.  HDMI is RGB while DVI is YUV, press home for enter then reboot the camera and see if it pops up. Other than that, it should just be adjusting the rotary dial on the back of the unit to make sure the resolution and framerate match between both devices. 

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