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ptz optics compatibility with Roland VR 50HD MK2

 Good Morning

I am Olivier and I just bought 3 cameras PTZ optics 30X NDI , the joystick and the Roland 50HD VR MK2 and just installed all of that in my church. ( please excuse my english mistakes, I am french).

I did not get any success in confirguring the Roland to see the video feed of my 3 cameras via the LAN port of the console without using HDMI or NDI cables. I get the videos feeds on my computer but not on the Roland;

do you know if it's possible to do that on the Roland?

I read that I can take control of the cameras directly on the Roland via the Lan port but i also want to get the video feed .

If it's not possible, what are my options to get the video feeds to my Roland console without installing cables NDI or Hdmi from the cameras to my console?

do you have any devices to isolate each video feeds on the ip network and convert it to hdmi for example, so I can use the 4 hdmi video input on my console.

I hope that my english was clear and understandable and I hope that you will be able to help me.

Thank in advance for your answer.

Olivier from Martinique

Hi Olivier,

You may need to match up the resolution and FPS for that unit; it does not look like the  50HD VR MK2  takes in 1080p60 which is the default setting for the SDI/HDMI output of the camera. If you turn off the camera, and then change the rotary dial on the back of the unit to be 1080p59.94 (dial setting A) then boot the camera back up and see if that works. If it does not, try and do dial setting B next. The chart for the dial in listed below as well. 

Thank you so  much for the answer. I will try this out this week and keep you inform. 

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