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Issues with SuperJoy

We just switch from Panasonic switcher/mixer/cameras at our main campus (they were installed at a secondary campus) to PTZOptics 30xNDI and SuperJoy.  We have had some issues with the SuperJoy.

1) We are using POE, and leaving it on (since the power switch doesn't turn it off), if I don't unplug the network cable, after a week (usual time between uses), the SuperJoy is unresponsive (hung).  None of the buttons or joystick do anything.

2) Sometimes, while moving the joystick a small amount (i.e. tapping it to pan left or right), it doesn't turn off the signal, and the camera keeps moving until it hits the pan stop point.  I have to unplug the network cable (to turn the SuperJoy off) and replug it in to get control back.

Is there any updates to it coming to address these issues?

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I would make sure the cameras have the most recent firmware (, and if you reach out to support@PTZOptics with the serial of the joystick we can look into the firmware for the joystick.

Other than that, we are also seeing a need to ground the PT Joy G3 units. We do have a grounding kit if yours does not have a pin, you can again reach out to support@ptzoptics with a valid shipping address we can get a grounding pin shipping out to you. This should fix any freezing or hanging up issues. 

I updated the Superjoy to latest firmware. I also received the grounding wire kit and I am still having issues with the controller becomes unresponsive after a few minutes of usage. 

Another issue is the HDMI output viewing of cameras. The monitor that is connected to the HDMI output is pixelated and it seem to take up alot more broadband and slows down my OBS/Zoom Virtual Broadcast.

Are you sure the grounding wire is attached to something metal touching ground? From our testing and feedback that should fix the issues with the joystick becoming unresponsive and requiring a reboot to work again. The HDMI output should use the RTSP feed from the camera and decodes that to the HDMI output. If this is looking pixelated I would look at the camera settings (video tab on the web gui for PTZOptics cameras) and make sure things are set to a good resolution.  If you can't get it working feel free to contact support to create a case, just email

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