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Changing resolution vl zcam

When trying to change the resolution on my camera through the pzoptics app, the app freezes then crashes when the menu option for resolution is selected. I can control contrast, white balance etc. but every time I try to change the resolution, freeze and crash. Anyone else have this issue?
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Hi @Gordon Martin,

I just tested this exact scenario using the following software version and firmware version and was not able to achieve a "crash"

PTZOptics Control App v1.4.1

PTVL Firmware Version v7.2.82

If you are not currently running the latest firmware or software version(s) I would recommend starting with updating those.

The one thing that does occur, because the camera reboots when changing a resolution, is that the connection will be broken.

A simple stop and start of the video stream will bring the live feed back to life once the camera has fully rebooted for full adjustment.

I hope these suggestions and comment help you to achieve your desired production.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to return to the forums.

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