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PTZ Optics Camera co0ntrol App connectiom

Church application.  Our PC computer refuses to connect with the PTZ Optics camera control app during our OBS start-up process. We perform a restart and recieve a dialogue box that says, "Cannot turn on Http Server. Please check NIC and port number settings". When we click OK on this dialogue box, the PTZ Optics  app connects  and opens. How can we connect the first time we start up OBS?

Hi @Jack Riley,

I would start by making sure you are using the latest version of the PTZOptics Control App (v1.4.1) as there are a bunch of issues that have been resolved.

PTZOptics COntrol App v1.4.1

If the issue persists after updating, or you are already running the latest and greatest version I would recommend looking at the suggestion shared below

This sounds like the PTZOptics Control App "Web Server" has been enabled allowing for basic operation from other devices on the same network using a simple browser.

To see if this occurred click on the "Settings" option in the top menu bar and then select "Web Server Setting"

Now, if you do not want to use the web server function simply make sure that the "Start the web server upon launch" check box is "white" or unchecked.

If you do wish to utilize the web server function you will need to make sure that the drop down menu for the "Server NIC" assignment is set for the same network as you cameras are on.

If configured properly, as mentioned above, then you could enable the "Start the web server upon launch" to have the feature always available.

If you have made any changes to the "Web Server Settings" please make sure to click the "Save & Restart the Server" button at the bottom of the settings page.

I hope these suggestions can help you achieve your desired production and if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to return to the forums.

I'mm also attempting to use the PTZOptic camera controller using a new Mac Mini with a M1 chip and a PTZ12xSDI camera. Here are the areas giving me some difficulty:

1. I can setup a preset but have not been able to find how to control the speed of transition. None of the speed settings appear to control this function.

2. Is it possible to create and store 3 custom white balance settings or change the three that are provided in the factory version?

3. I'd like to use camera freeze frame to cover preset moves. Is this possible using the SDI output?

Hello Barry,

1. There is only one speed option in the Advanced View section of the control app that will affect the preset recall speeds of the camera. That would be the option labeled Preset. This value will affect the speed the camera pans/tilts when presets are recalled. (You do need to press the Apply button when changing that value) This is a global setting and will affect the camera speed when any preset is called, you can not set preset speeds for each different preset. 

The Preset value in the app corresponds to the Call Preset Speed option that can be changed through the OSD menu (P/T/Z sub menu) of the camera. 

There is an additional Preset recall speed that can be changed in the OSD menu only, Pre Zoom Speed, that value affects how fast the camera will zoom when presets are called. 

It is also important to note that the camera will not respond to those to Preset Speed settings if you turn on Motion Sync. 

2. No, there is no way to save unique Color/White balance profiles or overwrite the built in preset White Balance Modes. 

3. Yes, the Image Freeze option should work over all video outputs (SDI, HDMI, and Network) as long as your camera is up to date on firmware.

The latest firmware can be found on our Firmware Finder

Thanks Colin for your reply. I have a concern about #2: The furniture in our sanctuary chancel is painted off white. Our current camera has a tendency to overexpose the furniture which causes additional errors when using auto white balance. Since we're trying to learn how to program presets of the PTZ camera using your Camera Controller, we haven't placed the camera in our sanctuary to see how it reacts to this situation. Also our sanctuary has a lot of windows which causes various amounts of daylight to affect the color balance.

So my question is, can this camera's auto white system compensate for these variations?

I'm attaching a photo that demonstrates the problem. The bride's dress is the only true white in the image.

(406 KB)

Hi Barry,

I would recommend using the One Push option for the cameras White Balance Mode. That option tends to do a good job of balancing the colors.

To use the One Push mode you would want to zoom into something white like a white sheet of paper so that it fills the frame. (You can also hold a white balance filter in front of the camera lens instead)

Then open the OSD menu and select One Push as the White Balance Mode under the Color sub menu. Press Enter when One Push is selected and the camera will recalibrate the colors. 

We have a video that shows this process here

The Auto White Balance should be able to compensate for changing light conditions but if the changes are extreme you may need to manually adjust things from time to time. You can also try adjusting the Auto White Balance sensitivity if it seems to be making extreme changes on its own. That option will be listed as AWB Sens in the color section. 

Thanks Colin for your response regarding this issue. I have to check if I can full frame a 8.5" x 11 sheet of white paper placed at our pulpit. I'm thinking this setup insures the auto-iris does not crush white. Then I'm planning to check the accuracy of the One Push option using a 3 step greyscale TP and Apple's Digital Color Meter to identify RGB levels on the grey stripe. If these readings are reasonable, I'll use One Push before each stream. Otherwise, I'll manually set the R&B gains. Let me know if you have any concern about any of this. I'm just a bit gun-shy with my experience with our existing camera with which does allow us to store three white balance settings (Sunshine, Cloudy. Night).

Just to let you know, thanks to your help, we were able to use the PTZOpticcs camera for the first time last Sunday. This is a significant improvement in color rendition compared to our original camera.

Just one issue I'd like to get your feedback on - The depth of field in the image when our pastor is giving a sermon must be limited because a pulpit cloth positioned in the lower half of the frame is in focus but the face of the pastor standing about 2' behind the cloth and in the upper part of the frame is not. I know increasing the illumination will shut the iris down and solve the problem, but I'm wondering if a manual focus setting can be stored with a preset in order to bring the face in focus?

Hi Barry,

It is possible to put the camera into Manual focus mode and save that manual focus value in a preset.

The pan, tilt, zoom, and focus information is all stored in saved presets. 

When you call a preset, that manual focus value will be recalled. It will stay in manual focus mode until you PTZ the camera again.


This is perfect! I tried to locate the answer in both the camera and app manual but must have missed seeing the section where this was covered.

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