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Different latencys on PTZ camera's

Hi there,

We have 3 PTZ optics camera's in use in our little streamingstudio. De PTZ camera's are connected via UTP on our local network, all connected to a switch.  Now I know that there is latency on the camera's, so I delayed the audio in OBS with 250ms, wich is good/in sync most of the time. 

The problem i'm running into lately: there are different latencys on the camera's.  Camera 1 is significantly slower than cam 2 en 3, en this switches per cam per day. Latency isn't an issue perse, but the difference in between can be very annoying.    Anyone known with this issue?

Thanx in advance,


Hi @Studio Eisma,

The following PTZOptics knowledgebase article will address the need to synchronize multiple video feeds and even touches on synchronizing the audio.

I hope this helps you to achieve that desired production but if you have any questions after following the guide please do not hesitate to return to the forums. 

Thanx Matthew! I'll check this vid out asap. 

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