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PoE cable next to SDI - interference?

Hi,  First time streaming for our church and we're awaiting arrival of our just purchased PTZ 12x-SDI Gen2.  We have a 75' run of SDI cable and plan to convert to HDMI with a BMD Micro Converter into a BMD ATEM Mini Pro. (I understand that I will need to work at 1080p30 because 1080p60 is not compatible with the ATEM.)

The PT-Joy-G4 we ordered is back-ordered so in the meantime I hope to use a TP-LINK Gigabit PoE 160S | 802.3at/af Injector (15.4W) with CAT6 cables from the computer to the camera and use the PTZ Camera Control App.

Will that work? Or do we also need the PoE 12V break out cables (WT-AF-PTZOptics)?

If we make the 75' run with the PoE right next to the SDI cable will the power in the PoE cause interference?

Furthermore eventually we would like to add a second camera 25' further back in the sanctuary so there would be another set of cables along that same run. Will that be an issue?


Hello Joel,

The camera should be able to output at 1080p59.94 (Dial position A) with your converter and ATEM. SDI Cameras made in 2020 or later do not have issues outputting at SDI Level B which is what the Blackmagic hardware is using. 

You can power that camera directly with a PoE Switch or Injector, it would not need a PoE splitter/break out.

As long as you set it up so that the Camera and Computer are connected to the same network, you can use the free control app to control the camera.

As long as you use good quality shielded cable, there should not be issues with interference. 

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Thank you for your clear, concise, and thorough response. And timely.

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