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PT-JOY-G4 Control Issues

I recently installed a PTZOptics 30X-SDI and PT-Joy-G4 controller with IP connection to the camera.  I am finding that the joystick has no variable speed control, it either goes up down right left but always at a constant speed which doesn't make sense since it's a joystick control.  Is there some way I can set it to pan/tilt slowly with small joystick movement and more quickly with larger joystick movement?  Also is there any way to avoid sudden starts and stops and have the motion glide to a smooth stop?  

The joystick does ramp through the available speeds when you press harder on the stick, but this only works if it has speeds to ramp through. If you set the PTZ speeds to be max, you will see a huge difference between slightly pushing the joystick compared to pressing it all the way over. If the speeds are set to the lowest possible you would not see any kind of ramping of the speeds, it would be on or off basically. 

Thank you I will try that.  I have a related question on the presets.  When I switch between presets, it seems to adjust each axis sequentially time rather than moving linearly from one scene to the next so it has kind of a "jumpy" feel to it.  Is there any way to improve that, or has that been improved in the newer model (the Superjoy)? I would get the newer model if it is better in this respect.

The PTZOptics cameras have their own speeds and settings for how they transition to presets. If you turn on "MotionSync", this should try and end the PTZ movements together to make things look smooth, but this method ignores the preset speed which you can set yourself if needed. 

If the OSD menu, under the P/T/Z section, you have the call preset speed which is how fast the camera Pans and title when a preset is called, and the Pre Zoom Speed which is how fast it will zoom to the location. With motion-sync turned on, both of these are ignored. 

Thank you Andrew!  I will try all of this now.  Could you also let me know if the new Superjoy has additional capability in these areas?  I am running only one camera, so what I am mostly looking for is the smoothest control.  The other features are not as important right now.  

The Superjoy would be using the same commands and has the same joystick as the PT JOY G4 so I don't see this changing if using that unit. 

Thank you.  I am getting better results now with your suggestions to increase the speed limit and with Motion Sync enabled.

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