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Camera freezes on stream start


Camera produces an image fine in OBS when launched, but when we start our stream, the camera image freezes. We have to go into OBS to the camera source and deactivate/reactivate the camera to get the image working again. Then all is fine the rest of our stream. Anything you can suggest?

Our setup:

PT30X-NDI-GY, firmware 6.3.18

HP i7 Laptop (an older 15-as016tu, but not being stressed)

IP for commands from OBS dock control 

HDMI optical cable (30 feet) and Elgato Cam Link 4K for video capture

Camera, OBS, stream all set for 1080p 30fps.

OBS version 26.1.1 on Windows 10


Jon T.

Hi Jon,

If this is only happening when the streaming is initiated that makes me think it has something to do with the CPU usage on that machine.  Pull up task manager and go to the Performance tab and watch the CPU usage when you start streaming. 

If this is not the issue, I would test another HDMI source into the Elgato to see if has the issue pulling another source. It could just be a USB power issue. Make sure to go into Device Manager, go down to the Universal Serial bus controllers, and right click on each USB HUB, go to the Power Management tab, and uncheck Windows saving power by turning off that USB port. 

If you cant get it working correctly feel free to all in and we can troubleshoot to try and get to the bottom of it.   484 593 2584 8am to 6pm EST M-F.

Thanks for the suggestions. 

My recollection is that there is plenty of CPU headspace, but we're itching to replace that laptop with a dedicated PC. Can't find a graphics card for a reasonable price, though <sigh>.

The USB port Power Management sounds plausible to me since our stream operator sometimes has to unplug and replug that port to get things working again. The laptop does sit on and idle for at least 20 or so minutes before we start the stream. We'll try those power settings  first, followed by the HDMI suggestion.

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