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Black Preview in PTZ Camera Controller App

The SDI interfaces of our PT30X-SDI-xx-G2  cameras are connected to a DeckLink 8k Pro. The cameras work fine in vMix, but in the PTZOptics PTZ Camera Controller (v1.4.1) the camera Preview is black. Camera control works fine.

Attached is a screenshot of the multi-camera settings.

I did have vMix running at the time I was using the Controller App, not sure if that could cause a conflict that impacts the Preview function.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Hello Robert,

The PTZOptics Camera Control app uses the network connection for control and video. 

If you have control of the cameras, they must have good IP addresses on your network.

Having the SDI feeds open in vMix will not interfere with the network output of the camera.

To get the video preview working you should just need to select a camera, open the preview window, select Stream 1, then click Start.

If that is not working, try logging into the Web GUI of the cameras. Under the Network section, make sure that RTSP Auth is turned Off.

If you need to make changes in that interface be sure to click Apply and then Reboot the camera from the System section. 

Colin - RTSP Auth is OFF. As in remember it there were two stream options presented in the Preview window, (one HD and one SD, I think). Neither stream worked. In all the cameras a Second Stream was defined as MJPG, this was per PTZOptics to get around the browser H.264 VLC-plug-in security issue.

Any other suggestions?

Hi Robert,

Are your using the latest version of the control app, v1.4.1?

Can you attach some screenshots from one of the camera's Web interface pages? I would want to see the Video, Network, and Information pages.

As a test, see if you can bring the RTSP feed of the camera into vMix. The app is using that same RTSP feed.

We have instructions for accessing the RTSP feed in software like vMix here


The next time I am at the church I will grab that data. Yes, I recently upgraded the camera firmware and the control app the 1.4.1.

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