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PoE - how to connect power source to a PTZOptics 12X-SDI GEN-2

Hi. We want to acquire a PTZOptics camera with P/T/Z capability and also widest field of view. Seems like the PTZOptics 12X-SDI GEN-2 might be a good fit from the specs I've seen (FOV 72.5) but I need to know how the PoE feature powers the camera and what kind of ethernet device/router/etc. it needs to be connected to. Video signal from the PTZOptics 12X-SDI GEN-2 will be via SDI to our Roland V-60HD switcher which outputs to a MacBook and OBS. Can you advise on what the power source for the camera should be?


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Hello Allyn,

The SDI models can be powered using PoE.

Any PoE Switch or Injector should be able to power the cameras using PoE as long as they are compatible with the PoE standards the cameras use.

The cameras use 802.3af type PoE and would need a 48V source. Each camera will typically use between about  9 Watts. 

If you reach out to sales they can make suggestions on what models may be best suited for your application. 

Their email is

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